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Wednesday July 23, 2014
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Halifield College is a premier secondary school with day and boarding facilities, located in a serene area in Maryland, Lagos. A city school with first rate facilities, our philosophy is to train every student to be distinct and outstanding in all facets encountered in life. As qualified educators, we tutor, mentor and groom; we supervise and correct, we observe and guide all students enrolled in our College. We set our standards very high, with the aim of equipping our students to thrive in varying competitive situations.

We invite you and your ward to come and take a tour of our facilities Monday through Friday between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Come and witness our commitment to our vision - “to train the child for distinction”

Our Mission
Our mission is "to use the best brains and technology to create a center for excellence in knowledge, discipline and life skills that will produce competent, intelligent and confident adults who will succeed in the world."

Our Vision
Our vision is "to train the child for distinction". There are many facets and purposes of training. At Halifield College, we aim to train the child to be distinct so he or she will stand out in excellence.

Our Motto
Our motto at Halifield College is "I Can". Our motto spurs the student to believe in him or herself. It imbibes confidence and encourages the student to strive for excellence.

Our Objectives
  • To provide a total, balanced education for our students that will result in academic excellence.
  • To encourage social interaction, interdependence and teamwork amongst students.
  • To make students believe in themselves and build the “I Can” spirit.
  • To raise global students by exposing them to the most up-to-date methods in teaching, training and research.
  • To encourage each student to discover, develop and exploit their innate talent.
  • To imbibe students with strong moral values, good discipline and skills acquisition.


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  • Jul 12,2014 Valedictory Service:

    Valedictory Ceremony commemorating

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  • Jul 09,2014 Class Party:

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  • Jul 08,2014 'Moving On' Ceremony and Graduation Luncheon:


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  • Jul 05,2014 Parent-Teacher Forum (PTF) / Open Day:

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  • Jun 30,2014 Promotional Examinations Begin:
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